La pizza


Even the ancient etruscans made flat and slim breads. In the renaissance era the pizza was called as the “poors plate” what they eat at the end of the meal. The next step in the history of the pizza is twit with queen Margherita di Savoia. The queen was on holiday in 1899 at Napoli. Raffaele Esposito the famous pizza chef made her 3 kind of pizzas. The pizza which was the most delicious to the queen is now called Margherita.


There was a lot of varieties of pizzas. In some places people liked the thick type better than the flat one. Only one thing was stable: the colors. The pizza is like the Italian flag. Red is the tomato, white is the mozzarella and the green is the basil.

The secret is the wood burning oven, which is 400 degrees Celsius hot. The fully dry beech trees must be at least 50cm long and 5-6cm thick. The pizza baking needs consistent temperature. The preheating of the oven takes more than 30 minutes. The pizza has to be on the same spot while the baking where the chef put it first. The perfect pizza is flat in the middle and thick at the edge. 

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