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1 Liszt Flour
2 Tej Milk
3 Tojás Egg
4 Mogyoró Nuts
5 Tengeri Seafood
6 Olajos magvak Seeds

We travelled all the way to Naples to bring you home the original Neapolitan pizza!

We strongly believe in continuous improvement, therefore we invest heavily in keeping our team members’ knowledge up to date. As a result, we ended up packing our suitcases and visiting the ultimate master of Neapolitan pizza, Enzo Coccia: everything we know, we learned from him in Naples!

Keep scrolling to relive our trip for yourself!

Why Enzo Coccia?

From Japan across Canada to India, Africa and the US a great deal of people have been visiting Enzo to learn the ancient profession of making the original, puffy, yet crispy-edged pizza.

We aimed to choose a master who not only has the skillset to teach us how to make the best Neapolitan pizza but is also greatly passionate about his profession and cultivate it on the highest levels. So, we chose the world famous pizza craftsman, Enzo Coccia. Well, we didn’t regret our decision at all!

It was uplifting to learn under his tutelage, as he passed on his knowledge to us with incredible depth and commitment to high quality and the original craftsmanship.

In possession of knowledge

We proudly declare that our professional journey has achieved its end goal - we brought the original Neapolitan pizza to Pécs!

This fact alone is a pleasure, but it’s also a special honour to be recognised professionally by the Neapolitan Pizza Association. Now that we stand before you with the credibility and a sense of progress, we look forward to welcoming you with a big and proud smile!

Filled with inspiration from the mind-blowing flavors of Naples and with the knowledge of the essential techniques of the pizza craftsmanship, we aim to offer you a mouthful of Dolce Vita here, in the Restaurant & Pizzeria All’Elefante!

Taste the original Pizza Napoletana and experience how the premium, 100% Made in Italy ingredients create the perfect food experience!